Thursday, 19 January 2017

Marriage Advice

I was recently asked to contribute to a wedding ceremony by giving advice for a good marriage. What a lovely idea! My husband was asked as well, and two others couples who had been married for some time. This was my contribution. 

To the groom:
When a woman chooses a man it is not just because she loves him. It is also because she thinks she has found someone strong enough to spend her life with. Someone strong enough to hold her; to contain her; to match her. But remember that as well as the usual things we understand by it being strong also includes: 

-       being true to yourself
-       saying ‘no’ as well as ‘yes’
-       being brave enough to admit when you are feeling vulnerable
-       asking for help when you need it

To the bride: 
When I got married my father gave me one piece of advice; I’d like to pass that on to you. This is what he said to me: 

“Don’t try and change him!”

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